Organic Garlic, Onion & Shallot Sets.


We are a small farm based business committed to supplying healthy organic seeds to farmers, growers and now for the first time gardeners and allotment holders. We supply organic onion, shallot and garlic sets. By using organic seeds we can increase the purity of the food we eat and help sustain the health of the environment. We can also contribute to preserving the genetic diversity of our seed banks for future generations.

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Orders taken in 25kg / 10kg / 5kg / 1kg nets.
Kamal, Red Baron and Santero are in 20kg nets and are not available until March
Onion sets sizes are 10/22mm and 22/26mm.

  • Sturon
  • Jetset
  • Centurion
  • Santero
  • Kamal
  • Red Baron
  • Troy
  • Red Sun Shallots 30/45mm & 45/55mm
  • Flavour Garlic +35mm
  • Radar
  • Troy
  • Vallelado Garlic +35mm
  • Morado Garlic +35mm
  • Messidor Garlic +35mm

All counts vary every year depending on growing season conditions.Accurate set counts will not be available until delivery time as long tern storage causes dehydration of sets

Average onion set counts/ kg

10/22mm 450+/-375
22/26mm 250+/-175

Average garlic set counts/kg

8 to 10 sets per bulb
8 to 10 bulbs per kg (64 – 100 sets per kg)


Bulk pallets come over from Holland in early March for spring varieties and early September for autumn varieties. Individual orders distributed mid-March and mid-September. Orders taken after that time will be delivered direct from Holland and incur extra costs.

Contact Laurence Hasson for prices and delivery costs

Bindon Home Farm
Langford Budville, Wellington
Somerset TA21 0RU

P: 01823 400838/07964 355315